Reasons for Investors (and Non-Investors) to Closely Watch the Real Estate Market

by Mar 26, 2018

It might seem obvious to you that real estate investors would watch the real estate market. However, you might not know the real reasons why they do it. There is plenty of meaningful information that can be gathered from the real estate market and there are many reasons that you should keep your eye on it, even if you aren’t an investor.

Here are some areas in today’s real estate market that investors are watching.


Real estate investors need to keep tabs on the things that will cut into their profit, such as taxes. Real estate investors are able to write off the full amount of their property taxes if the house is a rental, so this is important information to them. Investors will keep tabs on changes that are happening and many prefer to stick to markets that have historically remained stable.

The Economy

The local economy plays a big role on the potential profits of a real estate investor. Landlords need to be paid by their tenants or else they don’t make money. No rental income means that they are then left with paying the expenses on the house out of their own pocket. When jobs start to get cut in the local economy, investors can start to become nervous.

Before jumping into the rental game, you need to make sure you are in the right market. Not every area is ideal for renters as some cities have a very low number of people that are renting homes. While this may look like a good thing because there aren’t a lot of other rentals to choose from, it usually means there are not a lot of people that are looking to rent.

The Pool of Renters

If you want to start acquiring rental properties, you need to understand who the local renters are. You should know the demographics, researching the pool of people that may be interested in renting your property.

If renters are college age, they are not usually looking to rent a family home. However, if renters tend to be in their early thirties, they may be looking to rent a home to raise a family in.

When you know who your renters are, you can make better decisions on which rental properties to purchase.

Where to Leverage the Information

The internet gives you easy access to plenty of information. However, when you are investing your money into the local real estate market, you need to confirm the information that you are looking for locally.

Talk to your local government to see what resources and details they can provide you on everything from the demographics to the property tax rates. They may even have other tools and resources to share with you.

Investing in real estate has proven to be a powerful vehicle for those who are serious about their work. Knowledge is power when it comes to investing, especially in the local real estate market.

If you are interested in buying a property – either as an investor or a residential home buyer – take the time to familiarize yourself with your local market and then watch for the changes. When you are comfortable, you will be able to spot the trends that will help you make smart real estate decisions.

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