Cash Offer vs Real Estate Agent in Florida: What’s The Better Choice?

by Apr 30, 2022

So you have some property that you’re looking to sell in Melbourne, Florida and now you’re faced with every seller’s dilemma when choosing what course of action to take for the sale: choosing a cash offer vs a real estate agent in Florida.

To help you make your decision, we at Anchored Homes have come up with a few pros and cons for both options. We buy houses in Melbourne, FL regularly and have successfully executed countless transactions, so hopefully our expertise can help you sell your house fast in Melbourne, Florida.

Pros and cons of hiring a real estate agent

When most people decide to sell their homes, one of the first things they do is hire a real estate agent so they can list the home, market it, find buyers, and help with closing the deal. This is essentially the benefit that a real estate agent provides: they help you through the entire house selling process so you can get the most money from the deal.

If you’re looking to get the most money out of your home when selling, a real estate agent might be choice for you. However, going this route also comes with several notable disadvantages.

The first disadvantage is the time it takes to find a buyer and close a deal. In most cases, finding a buyer will take some time even when listed on a Multiple Listing Service. When you do find one, chances are they’ll be borrowing the money to purchase the house. This brings in another party, the lender, who will need to inspect the home and have it appraised, making this process much longer.

There’s also more uncertainty when your buyer involves a lender. There needs to be checks on the buyer and approvals must be secured – but are rarely guaranteed. In some cases, your buyer can get disapproved for their loan and the deal falls through, leaving the seller back at square one.

Although many consider this to be the conventional thing to do when selling a home, it’s not the only option that’s available to you.

Choosing a cash home offer for your sale

The other option you have when selling your home is choosing a cash offer for your home. Choosing a cash offer for your home comes with some significant benefits. The first is speed and assurance. Going with a cash offer will usually result in a quicker transaction, with the whole deal closing a lot faster than if a lender was involved. You won’t need to worry about waiting for approvals or inspections either since the deal will be paid in full with cash.

Secondly, since the offer is in cash, there is the presumption that the cash is available and ready to be handed over to the seller. Without a lender involved, there’s no risk of the deal falling through because the money is already secured. This can be extremely useful for those looking to sell my house fast in Melbourne, FL.

The only major downside to this option is the possibility of leaving some money on the table. You risk a below-asking bid since all-cash offers are usually so attractive to sellers, buyers may take the opportunity to negotiate the price down below the asking price.

So which do you go for?

While you can always go for both by using a real estate agent to find you an all-cash offer, this might end up just being a worse choice than choosing either one. It can take a considerable amount of time to find that kind of buyer and you’ll still be paying for the commission and fees of the agent.

The best choice for someone looking to sell my house fast in Melbourne, FL is to sell your home to a professional homebuyer. Companies like Anchored Homes provide fair cash offers with zero commissions and fees. You also won’t need to handle any repairs or have any inspections since we buy houses in Melbourne, Florida as is!

Contact Anchored Homes today and in just a few simple steps, you can receive a fair cash offer in just a few days. You also have the convenience of choosing your closing date, giving you complete control over the timeline of the sale. Call us today and learn how we can help you sell your house fast in Melbourne, FL!

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