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Anchored Homes testimonials

At Anchored Homes, we do our best to provide excellent service every time, which is why we are proud to share our client review with you!

Kara Sprigg – Relieved Home Seller
John Paul and Anchored Homes is a honest, good, hard working company and you will not be sorry to work with them. My house was vacant for many years and had several liens and judgments and all the problems just seemed to keep piling up. Anchored Homes stays in touch with you all the time, everyday and keeps you updates and contacts people for you. He wants to do the work for you, and I like that. If you want someone who will get you to the closing table and get you out of your predicament this is the company for you.
Jim Byus – Relieved Home Seller
My previous experience before working with Anchored Homes is I had a couple low ball offers and they weren’t upfront. I got tired of that and then contacted Anchored Homes and everything went very smooth from there on forward. I have nothing but good accolades to give these fellas. JP and Ken at Anchored Homes were up front with what they could offer and the numbers worked for me so we went forward. It was a smooth process, no hassle, no realtors, no special conditions. It was an As-Is transaction and that’s what I was looking for! I am very happy with the outcome and happy with the win-win that we created. Everybody wins!
Mr. & Mrs. Reyes – Relieved Home Sellers
I just wanted to say that we have had a great experience with Anchored Homes from the moment that we considered selling our home. My parents were ready to retire and rather than going through the headache of getting the house on the market and having visitors disrupt our house life we were looking for a home investor. We found Anchored Homes and the process has been speedy and smooth. They have been helping us from start to finish and assisting us with a very convenient closing date. We thank everyone at Anchored Homes for excellent service! My parents can now retire and move south!

The Tudors – Happy Home Buyers

Phil LaRoche – Relieved Home Seller
I worked with John Paul from Anchored Homes to help sell my mother-in-laws home in the Villas, NJ. The home fell into disrepair and couldn’t be bought with a conventional loan. I contacted John Paul and he came out and was very respectful of the situation and offered my mother-in-law a great price that fit her needs. Every transaction with John Paul and Anchored Homes was great. Anytime we had a question or concern, and there were a few, he was very quick to reply and his answer was right on par with what we were looking for. I would highly recommend if you are in a similar situation to use Anchored Homes
MDI West Properties – Joint Venture Partner
At MDI West Properties, we see Anchored Homes as an exemplification of everything we aspire to have in a fix & flip Joint Venture Partner.

With great efficiency and pace, the Anchored Homes team provided excellent communication throughout every stage of the project, delivering an exceptional final product that was under budget and sold for higher ARV than we projected! The project ROI was over 40%.

John Paul Kilduff, in particular, was an absolute pleasure to work with. He is a motivated, solutions-oriented
professional and a highly valued joint venture partner.

We look forward to many more successful projects with John Paul and his team.

Martin Copeland – Pleased Neighbor
I live across the street from a house that was unsightly. It was bought by a man that had crews come in to work on it.
They made it look like one of the best houses on the street now. What a pleasure!
Zachary Eberson – Private Lender
My wife and I decided to invest in a project with JP in the late fall. JP was very professional in having us both sign a binding contract and providing both of us with a copy. Throughout the renovation process JP would always keep me posted with videos, photos and would even invite me out on numerous occasions to look at the progress the home was making.

Once the project was complete the house was on the market for a couple weeks before it had an offer and was set for closing. Again, keeping me in the loop with the closing process and keeping full lines of communication open was a huge relief to me and my wife. Sure enough right after closing we received our original investment plus our 20% return as promised in our Contract.

Real estate investing can be a very lucrative, but also very risky if you aren’t careful. Dealing with JP took
the risk completely out of the equation. Between signing the agreement, keeping me completely
updated during the renovation process and also with the closing process I knew I could trust JP with our investment.

I would highly recommend doing business with JP and Anchored Homes to anyone who
is looking to make great returns and are interested in getting into real estate investing.

Michael McLeod – Private Lender
When I first met JP Kilduff I was impressed with his energy and drive, and commitment to his business. Since then I have had many opportunities to work side by side with JP, and I have learned that he also operates his company, Anchored Homes, with a focus on integrity, excellence of product, and providing maximum value to his customers. JP has put into place a focus on constant improvement of all areas of his business, which explains the tremendous growth of his business, as well as his focus on teaching and mentoring others who are looking to learn from him and emulate his success. We look forward to many years of partnership with JP and his fine team at Anchored Homes.

As an experienced real estate investor, we recognize the value in creating partnerships with other individuals and organizations that mirror our commitment to integrity and excellence of product. We have had the pleasure to invest with JP Kilduff and his company, Anchored Homes, and in each instance we found that the process was smooth, professional, and the return on our investment was exactly what JP had forecast. We have complete trust and confidence in investing with JP and we look forward to many more investment opportunities in the future!

James Allax Jr.- Distressed Home Seller
My father recently sold a house to John Paul with Anchored Homes and I have to say the entire process was fantastic! I saw one of their yellow signs, CASH FOR HOUSES, and we decided to call the number. After leaving my name and the information on the property, all I had to do was hope for a return call. Later that day I got exactly that and from that point I was very impressed with John Paul. He was very polite and prior to calling researched all of the information I had given on the message.

The day of the appointment John Paul made an offer to my father. After some minor negotiation they agreed on a price and a contract was signed that night, with both of them sitting on the tailgate of my dad’s pickup. From that point the process was a breeze.

Overall, I have to say that this entire process was great! From the initial phone call to the actual settlement John Paul and Anchored Homes made us feel comfortable and respected. I would not hesitate to deal with him in the future whether it be selling a home or buying one.

Ian Walsh – Hard Money Bankers
JP is a squared away pro in this business. He has a high level of integrity and has delivered on his word every single time.
You would be crazy not to work with him and his company.
Brian Reed – Long and Foster Real Estate
Excellent transactions from start to finish. From purchase to rehab to sale, John Paul and his team were 100% on point.
Delivered as promised with zero missteps
Lisa Shomper – Private Lender
I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet John Paul and invest with Anchored Homes! It was a great experience! John Paul kept me informed through the process and delivered on his promises. I am anxious for the next adventure! His energy is very motivating!!
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