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by Sep 11, 2019

Here Is Your Go-To Open House Play List!!

Before he was helping people sell and buy homes, Harrison Beacher was a DJ.

“As a DJ, you’re reading the crowd, giving them what they expect, but also blowing their mind by giving them something new and different,” says the Washington, D.C.–based agent with Keller Williams Capital Properties. “In real estate, it’s the same. Pay attention, be professional, but that extra piece you add makes you stand out.”

Beacher utilizes any opportunity to still use his DJ equipment and will create playlists for association and charity events, saying it’s a great skill to leverage in real estate. Now, more than ever, he says, it’s easy to put together a music list for your open houses, networking events, and client appreciation parties. A well-curated mix of songs can sway peoples’ moods, shift the energy, and change the feeling in a room.

“It’s interesting and fun to people [when you] have an additional skill besides selling,” Beacher says. “They don’t have to question if I’m a good salesperson because the numbers show that, so when I come and DJ they’re like, ‘Whoa, you do that too?’”

Want to take a shot at creating an open house playlist? Here are some of Beacher’s tips, along with a curated open house playlist to get you started:

  • Have a portable speaker handy. Beacher hardly goes anywhere without his Amazon dot speaker and two additional mobile speakers. Having a portable speaker is a “universal activity everyone should be doing,” Beacher says. You never know when a playlist can also buy you some extra time and put people at ease—whether it’s before a presentation, signing with clients, or at an event.
  • Set the tone. Considering many real estate pros are doing business in a social setting, it’s imperative to make sure the music gives off the right energy. Pay attention to how your mix of songs are sequenced, aiming for an order that sounds flows track by track. For those who prefer shuffling a playlist, test out how it sounds before playing it for others. “Some associations have thrown events where the music wasn’t considered an important element,” Beacher says. “How you play it and when you play it affects how people feel. You have to play it in the right order to get the desired result.”
  • Play the unexpected. In places where you wouldn’t think you’d hear upbeat or foot-tapping music—play it, and it will change things. “If nothing else, it’ll make people pay attention,” Beacher says.
  • Be authentic. Bringing your personality and culture into your music selections can make you stand out. “Culture impacts vibe, vibe impacts experience, experience impacts memorability, and if you’re memorable you’ll sell more houses,” Beacher says.

Beacher’s “Open House Mix” playlist is featured on our Spotify below.

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