How to Beat Out an All-Cash Offer When Buying a House

by Mar 19, 2018

With a shortage of house available, the real estate market is extremely competitive. That means buyers are competing against many other buyers, including all-cash buyers, when trying to secure a house to purchase.

In most situations, sellers would prefer to have an all-cash offer to speed the process along. So what are you supposed to do when you don’t have cash to pay for the house you are trying to buy?

Here are 7 strategies that you might want to consider when competing against all-cash buyers.

  1. Move fast on the appraisal

If you have to obtain a mortgage, you are going to need an appraisal. Show the seller that you are serious by pre-ordering the appraisal. Set a date with the appraiser and let the seller know when you write the offer that you have taken this step.

This kind of initiative can show the seller that you are ready to keep the process moving and aren’t going to drag your feet.

  1. Try to speed up the mortgage process

Try asking your lender if they can start the mortgage process in advance. Provide them with any details that you can about the house, so the approval will be faster than if you waited until after your offer is accepted.

  1. Include a pre-approval letter

If you are competing against an all-cash offer, you need to make your finances look as strong as you can. Include your pre-approval letter in your offer to show that you can be approved and that you have already taken the steps to do so.

  1. See if you can speed up the approval process

Before you write your offer, talk to your lender to see how quickly they can move you through the approval process. Many lenders are now able to approve buyers within 14 days. If you can find out a timeline, you can include this in your offer as well.

  1. Accelerate the inspection process

Let the seller know that you will have the house inspected within a few days of your offer being accepted. This can be a big hurdle in the process of a real estate transaction and sellers like to know that it will be done quickly.

  1. Appeal to the home seller’s emotions

Consider writing a letter to let the seller know who you are and why you are interested in buying the house. If you can make a good connection with the seller, they may choose your offer over an all cash offer just because they want you to have the house more.

  1. Up your offer

One proven way to win out over an all-cash offer is to pay more than the cash offerer is willing to pay. Money speaks, even if it is through a loan.

In the end, you have no control over which offer the seller is going to choose. Do what you can to make your offer as strong as you can. Show that you are serious and want to keep the process moving. Remember, even if you don’t win this house, there will be others.

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