8 Tips to Help Get Your House Sold

by May 8, 2017

Some houses sit on the market month after month while there are other houses that receive multiple offers within the first week. What is the difference between these houses?

The answer to that question can be crucial information to sellers who are looking to sell their house quickly. The selling process can be tremendously stressful while you try to upkeep your house to be “showing” ready at a moment’s notice.

These eight tips will help you make your house one that can fly off the market.

  1. Pack it Up

When you are getting ready to list your house you should consider getting a POD or storage unit to keep your extra items stored outside of your house. Buyers are going to open up every closet and cabinet door and will find all of the “stuff” that you have hidden away.

You want your house to look like it has plenty of storage space so you do not want your closets to look like they are ready to bust at the seams. That communicates to buyers that there is not enough room in the house for their belongings.

  1. Stage Before You Photograph

Your listing photographs are a critical factor to bringing in the right buyer. You need to make sure your house is showing ready when you have the photos taken because that is what buyers are looking at to decide if it is worth seeing your house in person.

Take time to stage each room enough to paint a picture for buyers that entices them to schedule a showing.

  1. Spread the Word

Social media has opened up an easy form of marketing for homeowners. Once your house is listed share the listing on your social media accounts and ask your friends to share the post.

You want to get your house in front of as many potential buyers as possible.

  1. Remove Your Personal Touches

Remember that just because you like the way that you decorate doesn’t mean that everyone else will as well. Remove your personal touches and create neutral spaces that everyone can enjoy.

  1. Minor Upgrades

It might not be wise to spend the money on an entire kitchen remodel, but look for areas where you can make small upgrades. Switch out the hardware and light fixtures for an easy upgrade.

  1. Let in the Light

Remove or open curtains and blinds to let the natural light come in. Make sure that all the light bulbs both inside and outside are working. Keep in mind that houses with plenty of light feel open and airy, a trait that most buyers are looking for.

  1. Clean Up Your Yard

Curb appeal is critical in bringing buyers to your door. Clean up your landscaping, paint your front door, and add plants and flowers for a pop of color.

  1. Move Quickly

Spring and summer are the best seasons for selling your house. There are the most amount of buyers on the market and this is a time you do not want to ignore.

If you are serious about selling your house you need to do more than place a sign in your front yard. Focus on these eight areas and you will help your house appeal to the majority of buyers. The more buyers you can get through your door the better the chance of finding the one who wants to make an offer.

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