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Anchored Ambassadors Referral Network

Committed to quality service and looking to join a referral network of like-minded professionals?

Join the Anchored Ambassador Referral Network!

The Anchored Ambassador Referral Network is a group of trusted partners we proudly call upon to assist in meeting the needs of our customers. As a real estate solutions provider, we encounter a wide variety of concerns, and the answer isn’t always ‘one size fits all’. The referral network is a powerful ally that ensures a customer’s needs are met and that they receive a top-level customer care and support experience along the way.

Why join?

  • As part of the network, your business receives top priority when Anchored Homes directs customers to a solution that fits them best. Also, customers are assured that we only recommend top-quality professionals!
  • The Anchored Ambassador Referral Network truly is a relationship that unlocks doors!
  • Anchored Homes is a firm believer in the philosophy that ‘A Rising Tide Raises All Ships’. As such, we offer more than just exclusive referrals to your business. We provide mutually increased visibility on social-media platforms by actively tagging, creating and cross posting relevant content that promotes your business as an Anchored Ambassador.
  • Anchored Homes reaches more than 13,000 people and averages more than 5,000 points of engagement on social media every month! As an Anchored Ambassador, your business is featured in blogs and posts we publish at no cost to you! That’s FREE marketing!
  • In addition, we offer referral fees for lead conversion as well as the satisfaction of being a part of a growing number of businesses that share in a similar work ethic and dedication to quality as you do!

If you are interested in joining a referral network that offers an opportunity to increase your potential for customer engagement, fill out the application below or call NJ: (609) 961-1116 or FL: (321) 866-8836 today and ask how to join!

Application To Become an Anchored Ambassador

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