Anchored Homes

Our Team

Our Teams

John Paul Kilduff II
Director of Operations

John Paul is a Brevard County, Fl native and has lived all over the East Coast as an active duty Coast Guardsman since 2001. After attending a Fortune Builders seminar in January 2016 John Paul realized that real estate investing was an amazing vehicle that would allow him to secure his family’s financial future and give back to the community at the same time. In March 2016 he founded Anchored Homes in the southern New Jersey market and quickly realized that his military discipline and philanthropic nature were an amazing combination that led to an early success with the company.
“Our abundance mindset and philosophy of “A rising tide raises all ships” has been my favorite aspect. That philosophy has been the key to allowing us to positively affect so many distressed sellers and neighborhoods.”

Phil Tudor
Director of Redevelopments

Phil Tudor is a resident of southern New Jersey and has been running his own construction, landscaping and painting business since 2015. He first started in construction by doing property preservation work fo Fannie Mae REO properties, but after acquiring 60 properties and becoming the #1 contractor in New Jersey for Fannie Mae, he focused his company’s expertise into providing retail and renovating services for investors. Phil is also a member of Fortune Builders and a real estate investor himself.
“I live and breathe the ‘rising tide raises all ships’ philosophy. I truly believe that when you help others you get rewarded in the long run. It feels good when you can do genuine business with others and make a good living to provide for your family while doing it!! I couldn’t be more blessed!”

Tracey Jones
Transaction Coordinator

Tracey Jones is originally from Bradenton, Florida and is a graduate of the University of Florida. She currently lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband and two children. Tracey brings a keen sense of organization and attention to detail to the team. Tracey has been involved with real estate as a transaction coordinator and processor for the past 4 years.
“Real Estate and revitalizing properties is a fascinating process and I am thrilled to be able the see the transformations that Anchored Homes is able to achieve.”