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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Certified Cash Home Buyer?

It’s Anchored Homes’ personal guarantee and company promise that everybody here on the Anchored Homes team is going to treat your situation and your property and the overall transaction with the utmost honesty, integrity and respect.

How do I know that your contracts aren't trying to take advantage of me?

All of our contracts are drawn up and delivered by a real estate attorney. This means all of the language that’s in these contracts is absolutely legit and there’s no funny business that you have to worry about..

How do I know you really have the cash to buy my home?

The offer that we make is going to be a REAL CASH OFFER with money that we actually have in our accounts. We provide a certified proof of funds from a bank as evidence that we’re not just out here kicking tires or pulling your chain. We actually want to purchase your property and we have the ability to do so.

Why do you need to do inspections?

Are you going to try and give me a lower offer? W e have an inspection period where we get to look at the condition of your property a little bit deeper but, don’t worry these are just for informational purposes and we would never ask you to make repairs to the property. And, also, we would never use those repairs to come back and try to renegotiate a price with you. The price that we agree upon is the price that you’re actually going to be able to sell the property for and walk away from the closing table with to put right in your pocket!

Do you charge commissions or have any other fees for buying my house?

We’re not realtors so there are no hidden fees or commissions and there’s no other types of charges that you’re going to have to worry about that’s going to take away from your bottom dollar on the sale of the property. While we don’t have any hidden fees there are standard closing costs that each side is responsible to cover.

Who will be handling the official closing and sale of my property?

We have partnered with the most professional title companies and attorneys in the area to make sure we have a very smooth transaction and that they give you the same amount of respect and customer care that we give you.

How many people have you helped?

Like so many other sellers that we’ve worked with, we know that you would absolutely have a smooth transaction with us at Anchored Homes. We would like to invite you to watch some of the testimonials from the sellers that we’ve worked with in the past as they share how amazing it was to work with our team and what it feels like to actually be able to move on to the next chapter of their life..