Why Selling To A Cash Home Buyer In Egg Harbor TWP, Is The Best Option For You

by Dec 29, 2021

Now that you’ve decided to sell your home, you might be looking into the different ways to sell your home available in your area. Selling the traditional way of listing your home on the real estate market is possible, but it’s not always the best option for many homeowners. If you’re looking for alternative solutions, one of these ways is by selling your Egg Harbor TWP home to a cash homebuyer.

Cash home buyers may be the best option if you’re looking to sell fast or for cash. Here are a few reasons why selling your home to a home buying company in Egg Harbor TWP may be your best option.

Fast Selling Process

The average home in New Jersey can take 44 days to receive an offer and 35 days to close – that’s a total of 79 days to sell a home. While some homeowners can afford to wait that long for the best offer, not everyone has the luxury of time on their hands, especially for those selling due to foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, probate, or relocation. Selling to a cash home buyer takes a fraction of that time, and here’s why.

Rather than waiting for a buyer to put in an offer on your home, you can contact a cash home buyer directly for an offer. After your scheduled property viewing, expect a fair cash offer within 72 hours or less. Cash home buyers pay in cash, so there’s no need to undergo lengthy inspections to pay for the property with a loan. After you accept, closing can take as little as 14 days before the money is transferred to you.

No Repairs, Staging, And Fruitless Property Viewings

Selling on the real estate market comes with a number of costs. One of these are the costs incurred from making major repairs and staging your property to attract potential customers. And then there’s having to deal with property viewings from interested buyers that do not necessarily lead to sales. On top of the added costs, there is the hassle of scheduling property viewings unless you have an agent to do it for you.

Cash home buyers, however, buy properties as-is, so these costs aren’t necessary to receive a fair price on your home. And after the scheduled property viewing, you can expect a call from us with an offer.

No Commission Fees

One of the highest costs of selling a home is the real estate agent’s commission fee, which can reach around five to six percent of your property’s value. If you’re trying to sell your property with low equity, this commission fee (on top of the other costs of selling a home on the market) can end up with you practically paying to sell your own house.

Cash home buyers, however, do not charge commissions for buying your home. That’s one of the biggest expenses of selling your home cancelled out, which can help you save on the proceeds of your home.

Sell Difficult Or Ugly Homes

Selling homes in need of major repairs, title flaws, and past due taxes can be difficult to do in the real estate market. On the market, your pool of buyers are limited to those looking for fixer-uppers (who will have a hard time finding lenders willing to give out mortgages for homes in bad condition) or investors looking to flip homes. The alternative is to do repairs or renovations before listing it, but not everyone has the financial means to spend on these changes before selling.

Cash home buyers buy homes as-is, so you’re likely to receive a fair cash offer on your home regardless of its condition. Because cash home buyers pay in cash, they don’t have to take out loans to pay for your home, which can help speed up the process.

Ready To Sell Your Home?

You have several options to sell your home, but cash home buyers may be the best solution if you’re looking to sell your Egg Harbor TWP house fast. So, whether you’re looking to relocate out of New Jersey, undergoing divorce proceedings, or are looking to sell your house to avoid debt, foreclosure, or bankruptcy, you can trust cash home buyers like Anchored Homes to pull through and give you a fair cash offer.

Contact Anchored Homes today to schedule a property viewing.

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