Symptoms of a Tired Landlord- Are you looking at one?

by Jun 29, 2020

One of the best deals in buying real estate is buying it from a tired landlord, who owns properties and have them for rent. Most of these homeowners are provoked sellers and will have an idea about real estate investing. An average owner becomes one for 3.5 years, until he becomes a tired landlord. They do not live at the place and rarely pay a visit.

How did they become a tired landlord? The homeowner is already fed up in complying with the building or the community requirements. He may also need to separate from a partner investor. Say, an inheritance that needs to be divided by siblings. Or, he has little cash flow and is experiencing financial difficulties. Still, it is possible that there are many properties owned, and some of them are upside-down.

Why are these the best deal in real estate? Most homeowners have multiple properties for a number of years now. It is an old residence, an inheritance- but the landholder is not interested in real estate business. Or he owns too many homes outside an area that he can handle. The landlord has this homestead for a longer time, the market value is less due to wear and tear. There is a high probability of owner fatigue for properties owned for 20 years than for those owned at 5 years.

Another is to check and compare properties from the same host. You may notice that not all properties are maintained, even if those are for lease or remodeled. There is a high chance that the proprietor is willing to go of those not repaired, as it cost more to undo the damage left by the previous renter.

Most of these houses, owned by a tired renter, are ready to be occupied or already have tenants. If these tenants are bad, then the place can be acquired for a good negotiation. Over some time, they will have difficulty in collecting rents or doing maintenance for the properties. For the worst scenario, they will have tenants from hell. These tenants who do not pay their rent on time and those who stay beyond their lease. This kind of tenants have vast knowledge on the landlord tenant law and use this knowledge to court to fight off months of rental. The homeowner can file claims against tenants who are not able to pay rent then they become evil because they will drive a poor out of their home, not knowing that this is a devastating experience for the landlord too. Buying homes from this kind of landlord may require labor and clean-up costs. This is for properties that do not have tenants. In order to get a good buyer as soon as possible, the place is presentable when they ask to see it. Have it cleaned before a prospect can visit the place, it will give an impression that it is move-in ready. Aside from that, there is a need to update fixtures, with minimal fixtures to the place itself. In most cases where it comes with a decent space around it, make the outside of the house is as presentable outside as it is inside. 

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