Cash Home Buyer vs. Real Estate Agent: What’s the Best Option for Selling my Egg Harbor Home?

by Dec 8, 2021

Homeowners usually decide between two options when selling their home: selling the traditional way by listing their property on the market with a real estate agent, and selling their home directly to a cash home buyer. Either option comes with their own pros and cons, so it’s important to understand your goals before finding either to help sell your home.

But how do you choose between a real estate agent and a cash home buyer for your Egg Harbor TWP home? Here are some of the differences you need to understand to help make your decision.

Real Estate Agents: Pros and Cons

Real estate agents help you sell your house to buyers on the market who may or may not have their own real estate agents. They do this by recommending renovation, repairs, and staging tips for your home to attract buyers during a property viewing. They then use their network and list your property in listings and other online and offline channels that might attract buyers to consider buying your home. Once you find a buyer, your real estate agent should handle most of the paperwork and processes of selling your home.

Real estate agents are a good option to have if you want to list your property on the market. Aside from their network of other agents, the best agents have a network of other stakeholders in the real estate industry like real estate attorneys, inspectors, brokers, and other people whose services you need to sell your home. They also handle things like property viewings and negotiations, which can help you get the best price from your home.

However, agents also come with certain disadvantages. Real estate agents charge a commission fee for their services. This can range from five to six percent of your total sale price. There’s also no guarantee how long it will take for you to sell your home. Depending on the market, it can take between weeks to several months before you receive an offer. Selling on the real estate market also entails a number of extra steps, including inspections and repairs, since most buyers have to undergo a stringent process to get their loans approved to buy your home.

Cash Home Buyers: Pros and Cons

Unlike real estate agents, cash home buyers are people and companies in Egg Harbor TWP that buy your home directly from you. Rather than helping you find a buyer, cash home buyers give you a fair cash offer that you can choose to accept. Cash home buyers buy homes as-is, so they give a fair cash offer based on the state of your home.

Should you accept their offer, cash home buyers can close the deal faster than the typical closing process on the real estate market. This is because cash home buyers pay with cash, so there’s no need to undergo inspections and appraisals to get a loan for the property. Another advantage is that cash home buyers do not charge commissions and shoulder the closing fees, reducing the costs incurred by homeowners when they sell their property.

There are some setbacks to selling to a cash home buyer. Cash home buyers pay a fair price based on your property’s market value and condition. Depending on the state of the real estate market, there may be some buyers desperate to buy property that they may offer slightly higher than the market value. However, waiting for this opportunity can take time, so it’s simply a matter of weighing the time it takes to receive an offer with a fair price on your home.

What’s the Best Option for Selling My Home?

Both real estate agents and cash home buyers are good options, but it’s important to weigh what your purpose is for selling your home.

Real estate agents are best for those who want to take advantage of the current real estate market who don’t mind waiting several months for an offer. Depending on the demand and supply of properties and buyers, there’s a chance of a buyer’s market that can get you more for your home. However, you may need to wait a while and may incur additional costs of selling your home that can eat up your additional proceeds.

Home buyers, on the other hand, sell your Egg Harbor TWP house fast. This can be important for people undergoing foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, and probate proceedings, since you don’t have to wait months for an offer and several more weeks to finish closing. The costs of selling a home are also minimized, so this is the better option for people who want to sell their home without spending on major repairs to attract buyers.

Ready to Sell Your Home

There’s no right or wrong answer when choosing between a real estate agent or a cash home buyer for your home in Egg Harbor TWP. However, the best answer depends whether you want to sell your home fast for a fair price or take a gamble with the market to wait for a higher price.

At Anchored Homes, we buy houses in Egg Harbor TWP for cash. We are your reliable cash home buyer that can give you a fair price on your property and close the deal in a fraction of the time it takes to sell on the real estate market. Contact us today to schedule a property viewing and receive a fair cash offer within 72 hours or less.

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