Attention Home Sellers: 7 Ways To Ruin Any Chance of Selling That House

by May 28, 2018

When preparing to sell a house there is a lot of work that home sellers must do.  By and large, home sellers know they must clear their house of any clutter and clean the rooms.  However, some do not know that what they are leaving in the home could hurt their chances of selling, as well.  

With this in mind, consider these seven ways home sellers can make a buyer dislike their home when deciding what stays and what goes.  

Not Everyone Loves Pets…

Having evidence that there are pets in the home is not a good idea for a homeowner attempting to sell.  An even bigger mistake is letting buyers walk through the home while the pets are still in the house. It quickly becomes stressful for the pets and the buyers.  

Buyers do not like to see pets in the home because it can be difficult to get the smell out of the carpets or other areas of the house the animals were in.  Not to mention the danger an animal possesses if it feels threatened in its home by a stranger. It is better to have a family member watch the animal until the move is over.  

…Nor Dead Animals

While a hunter may be proud of their animal heads, they should not be displayed for everyone to see.  It is a fine addition to the hunter’s house when they own it. But when trying to sell it is better kept stored away.  

There are some people who are offended by hunting.  Or just find taxidermy or other hunting trophies off-putting.  Avoid taking pictures of the house with these decorations on the walls and be sure to take them down before allowing buyers to walk through.  

Do Not Let That Flag Fly

There are common flags a home buyer may expect to see when searching for a house in the United States.  An American flag is not likely to offend someone if seen. However, a decoration like a Confederate flag can be seen as shocking.

Even having similar symbols or memorabilia that reference conflicting historical events can make a buyer second guess the house.  A seller is not being sold with the house but it puts a negative view on the house. A buyer that dislikes a seller is also going to be harder to negotiate with.

The Other Team

Having sports memorabilia may seem innocent.  It is simply supporting a sporting event, right?  While the sports team does not have anything to do with the house, it can make a buyer dislike the seller.  

A buyer that is passionate about their team will not like to see a rival team being advertised all over the home.

Shocking Art

Art is an area that can get a homeowner into trouble.  No two people have the same taste in art. Some people like abstract while others prefer still life paintings.  

Having some art in the home can be helpful when staging.  But err on the side of caution. Any art with nudity, even if it is tasteful, can be offensive.

Think about any family photos that are displayed.  Many parents have at least one photo of their baby when they are naked or even in the tub.  Pack these photos away until at the new home, where they can be lovingly displayed.

Let Them In

The point of walking through a house is to see all parts of the home.  Some sellers are uncomfortable with all of their rooms being looked into and decide to lock the room when they leave.  This is a huge turn-off for buyers. Most will walk away from the house without a second thought if there are areas that they cannot see.  


Avoid having anything like marijuana, alcohol, or cigarette readily visible.  Smoke damage is not something many people want to deal with when moving into a house.  There are also mixed opinions on these types of products. To avoid offending anyone just avoid having those items in the home while showing it.

It is important for home sellers to really clear out a house of any offensive materials.  Many homeowners leave items in the home that they would not consider offensive. However, buyers of all opinions will be walking through the house.  There is no telling what could offend a buyer which may convince them not to make an offer.

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