A 5 Step Plan for Home Sellers

by Feb 12, 2018

Ready to list your home for sale?  Are you prepared to handle the job that comes with being home sellers? It’s an exciting time but one that is going to require some work on your part.

Unfortunately that house, no matter how cute, isn’t going to sell itself.  This is why home sellers need an action plan.  

Below are 5 steps home sellers can take to get your house to sell fast.

Get Organized

You know all of those projects you have been putting off like cleaning out the pantry and closets?  Now is the time to get them taken care of.  

You need to be diligent with your organization. Start by making two piles – one to keep and one to get rid of. Once these items have been separated, follow through.

Less is more when it comes to selling your home.  You want to make everything look organized and clean.  It might be worth it to get a storage unit so you can pack your things up and put them away.  If you can find a portable storage unit you’ll only need to pack it up once and have it delivered to your new home.

Get the Papers in Order

At some point during the selling process, home sellers are going to need to produce all of the paperwork for your house and everything in it.  Mortgage records, warranties, invoices, etc. all need to be put together.  

Having all of this in one spot will make completing the seller’s disclosure easier. It will help when it comes time to pass down relevant documents to the new buyer.  

If there are documents you are unable to locate you can always check the “I don’t know” box on the disclosure, but that can sometimes be a red flag to potential buyers.

Plan Your Strategy Session

Now that you have the preliminary work out of the way, now it’s time to really get started. Perform a walk through to see what issues need to be addressed.  If your goal is to sell your house for the best price in the shortest amount of time, then you must be ready to get the house in shape.

Make it Shine

With a list of items that need to be addressed, get to work. Home sellers should start with cosmetic projects that would keep you from completing the photography needed for your listing.  

Home sellers can also consider getting an inspection done on the property before you list.  Potential buyers love to know that the house they are buying is safe and secure.

Need to Sell Fast? Give us a Call

Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. When this is the case, you might find yourself in a position where you need to sell your home fast. If this is you, we can help. We can make cash offers on your home and help get you out of bad situations. Call us today to see how our team can help.

With this action plan for home sellers in hand, it is time to get started. Getting organized and giving your home the attention it needs are mandatory in being able to sell your home fast. And remember: if you need to sell your home now, call us today.


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