6 Curb Appeal Mistakes that Hurt Your Chance of a Sale

by Jul 24, 2017

It’s true that the majority of home buyers are looking online before driving to a house. However, curb appeal is still king.

Even if you have a beautiful house on the inside, buyers are attracted to houses with good curb appeal. It may be a seller’s market right now, but these six mistakes can leave your house sitting on the market without an offer.

  1. The Inside and Outside Don’t Match

First impressions are the most important because you might not get a second chance. Your house could be completely renovated on the inside, but if you can’t get buyers past the front door it won’t matter.

Do not neglect the exterior of your home. Make sure that your yard is neat and clean, tidy up your landscaping, and add a pop of color with some flowers on the porch. Look for ways to draw the buyers into your front door so they can see everything your house has to offer.

  1. Hide Your Trash

Literally, you need to keep your trash, and trash cans, out of sight. You do not want the buyers to pull up to your house and spot the trash cans right away. They are unsightly and do not add to your curb appeal.

If you do not have a place to put them, such as a garage, consider moving them to the side or back of your house where they are out of the way. No buyer wants to walk past smelly garbage to get to the front door.

  1. Leaving it Unfinished

If buyers see unfinished projects on the outside they are going to think there are unfinished projects on the inside. If you are selling your house as-is then this is not a problem.

However, if you are trying to get top dollar on your home sale, you want to finish the projects that you have going on outside. Leaving half finished projects in the yard or on the exterior of your house, such as painting, make it look like you did not properly maintain the house.

  1. Personalizing it too Much

When you are selling your house you want it to appeal to the largest pool of buyers. It is time to remove all of your personalized touches around the yard and the exterior of your home.

Items like personalized mailboxes, monogramed welcome signs, and crazy painted front doors need to go. Choose colors and lawn ornaments that enhance the features of your yard while appealing to the masses.

  1. Putting Nothing Outside

Staging the outside of your house is just as important as staging the inside of your house. Add landscaping, patio furniture, and other small touches that help to paint the picture of the lifestyle that a buyer could enjoy while living at the house.

  1. Going Overboard

Staging the outside with some simple touches is good. Going overboard is bad. A front porch should be simple and clean. If it is overcrowded with furniture, planters, and other decorations, you have gone too far in the other direction.

Consider placing a few strategically located items on the porch or patio to show how the space can be used.

Curb appeal is the key to drawing buyers to your door. Every homeowner wants a house that they can be proud of as others drive by. Look for ways to enhance your curb appeal, while keeping it simple and something that the majority of buyers will love.

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